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Shredder Endgame Database (Scroll down for instructions)

Instructions on Using Shredder Endgame Database
To review an endgame position you have to enter the respective pieces on the board. Once all the pieces have been entered click on the Knight icon with the hand and two arrows and proceed to move your first piece and subsequent pieces. Placing pieces on the board can be done by clicking on the piece icons and positioning them on their respective squares. One click on the board after selecting an icon will position that piece; a second click will position that same piece in the opposite color; and a third click clears the piece from the board. Clicking on the blank square and clicking pieces on the board will clear the pieces. Clicking on the empty board will clear the entire board. Clicking on any of the four arrows will shift the pieces in the respective direction. I hope that was clear as Don't be afraid to experiment. Enjoy!
Endgame Database Info

Shredder's online chess endgame database currently includes about 1153 GB data. This database can also be directly accessed by the Shredder versions for Windows and by Shredder Mobile on your mobile phone. Here is a list of all the available endgames in the database: 3, 4 and 5 pieces
  1. All available
6 pieces
  1. All available (except 5 vs. 1)
For each chess position in the database a value for every possible move is displayed. These are the true values for each move.
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