2016 - 2017 Next Scheduled Tournament

The next 2 scheduled
Region VIII tournaments
will be
December 10, 2016.
Dishman Elementary

in Harlingen
St. Mary's Christmas Tournament
in Brownsville.


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Region VIII Scholastic Championships

2017 TCA Region VIII
Scholastic Chess

been awarded to:

Rancho Verde Elementary
Los Fresnos

February 4 & 5, 2017

After considerable deliberation, I have decided to award the 2017 bid to Rancho Verde Elementary of Los Fresnos.

All of the bids were very competitive in nature.  Each offered a great opportunity for the scholastic chess players in our region to participate in a substantial, highly competitive and meaningful event that challenges their abilities.

Additionally, such an event will hopefully foster the desire in our scholastic students to improve their chess skills.

I strongly believe that such chess improvement will further enhance their probability of becoming better students, successful individuals and future community leaders.

Creating a foundation for such success should be a goal of all scholastic events.

Thank you!

Ed Guetzow
Region VIII Director

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 MOVED 2016 - 2017 schedule MOVED
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 2016 TCA Region VIII Tournament
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 2016 State site
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Region X.

The Texas Chess Association has established a new region, Region X, which consists of Hidalgo and Starr Counties.  This new region will be having its own Regional Championship Tournament.

The Regional Director is
George Rohrer.

Region X information is located
on the Region X web site.

Upper Valley chess players need to check it out and participate in Region X events.

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 Regionals Results.
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The Importance of Proper Training

The Importance of Proper Training

"The Importance of Proper Training" is written by GM Susan Polgar and appeared in ChessCafe.com.

The United States produced one U.S. born World Champion in the 20th century. Of course, that champion is Bobby Fischer. Moreover, the United States, a nation with 280 million people, has produced very few grandmasters in the last two decades. As of April 1, 2006, the U. S. only has 59 living grandmasters. This is especially shocking considering the incredible growth of scholastic chess in the country.

It is an embarrassment for a country this size to produce so few world-class players. There are a number of reasons for this, but the biggest problem is the lack of a uniform training system. In fact, there is no official system at all, and the USCF has done nothing to solve this problem.

Many of our kids are being taught incorrectly because parents often don’t know any better and coaches want immediate results. Disregarding a solid, basic chess foundation may work when competing against other very inexperienced children, but it is not sound. As these players grow a little older, they start to fail miserably, through no fault of their own. They simply were misguided; many then get discourage and quit. This becomes a scholastic chess mill with no long term success.

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