2015 Region VIII Regionals.

The 2015 Region VIII
Scholastic Chess Championships
were held
Veteran's Memorial Academy
in San Benito
January 31st & February 1st, 2015

Web Site.

Final Player Standings
Final Team Standings

Thank you to all attendees for making this
tournament a great success!!!!!

See you at State in McAllen!!!!

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2014-2015 Next Scheduled Tournament

The next scheduled
Region 8
Chess Tournament

Advance entries.

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IKC chess.
March 7 & 8th
Imperial Knights Championship Series Harlingen Medical Center Plaza (HMCP 5505 S. Expressway US 77/83) 1st Floor, Harlingen Medical Center Conference Room Two Sections: Championship (USCF Rating 1400 and above) and Reserve (USCF Rating under 1400)

Championship Section:
First prize - $100.00
Second prize - $50.00
Third prize - $25.00

Reserve Section:
First prize - $50.00
Second prize - $25.00
Third prize - $15.00

March 2015 published rating will be used,
5 Swiss System Rounds G/60;d5 on Saturday & G/75;d5 on Sunday

Onsite Registration:   9:00 AM to 9:30 AM,

Rd 1 - 10:00 AM   Rd 2 - 12:00 AM Rd 3 - 2:00 PM
Rd 4 - 10:00 AM       Rd 5 - 1:00 PM

Entry Fee: $20.00  Cash Only. Contact Howard McNutt at -email- to submit your registration information. Free entry to first 6 2000+ USCF rated players, EF subtracted from winnings. Tournament is USCF rated.
USCF membership required to play.
Chess boards will be provided. Please bring clocks!
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3 round swiss.

3 round Swiss tournament this Monday at Harlingen Medical Center.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get some practice in for State next month. We will be starting at 6:45pmPlease be there on time to avoid being withdrawn from the tournament.
What: United Warriors Monday Night Swiss (3 rounds USCF Rated)
Where: Harlingen Medical Center Plaza (HMCP 5505 S. Expressway US 77/83) in the Conference Center (first floor). (Please use the North side entrance as the south side entrance will be locked.)
When: Monday, February 9th, 2015
Who: USCF Members (Open to all ages)
Start Time: 1st round starts at 6:45 PM Sharp (Check-In Time 6:30-6:40)
Entry Fee: $5
Ratings: We will be using the Current Unofficial Ratings for this event
Time Control: Game/30 - 3 second delay

Sections: Sections will be created at the discretion of the TD.
Prizes: The winner of each section will receive free entry to the next United Warriors Monday Night Swiss Tournament
Chief Tournament Director: Brandon M. Flores
*Please sign up by 4PM the day of the tournament if you would like to play. NO ONSITE REGISTRATION!!!*

**Please text me for any last minute drops**
***A minimum of 8 players will be needed to register by 4PM the day of the tournament in order to avoid cancellation of the tournament***
****All pairings and Swiss are final! Once the Swiss have been broken up and/or any round has been paired, no changes whatsoever will be made.****


******The players playing in the top section will be required to notate.******
*******Once any round is over, the following round will begin*******
********Registration open only to the first 40 entries********
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns about this tournament.
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ABC Pediatrics

Feb. 22nd.
ABC Pediatrics Chess Sunday Action

Two Sections: Open and Reserve (USCF Rating under 1500)
$265.00 Total Prize based on 18 entries.
70% guaranteed.
Open Section:
First prize - $100.00
Second prize - $50.00
Third prize - $25.00

Reserve Section:
First prize - $50.00
Second prize - $25.00
Third prize - $15.00

February 2015 current published rating will be used,
4 Swiss System Rounds  Game in 45 minutes (G/45) No delay, No increment.

Onsite Registration:   9:00 AM to 9:30 AM,

Rd 1 - 10:00 AM   Rd 2 - 11:45 AM
Rd 3 - 1:30 PM       Rd 4 - 3:15 PM.

Entry Fee: $15.00  Cash Only, Tournament is USCF rated.
USCF membership required to play.
Bring chess boards and clocks.
Send entries to: Victor Flores:  vmjflores@gmail.com
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Region X.

The Texas Chess Association has established a new region, Region X, which consists of Hidalgo and Starr Counties.  This new region will be having its own Regional Championship Tournament.

The Regional Director is
J.J. Guajardo, Sr.

Region X information is located
on the Region X web site.

Upper Valley chess players need to check it out and participate in Region X events.

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2015 State Scholastics

The TCA State Scholastic Championships
will be held in McAllen
March 28 & 29th, 2015
the McAllen Convention Center.

Tournament Web Site.
I hope to see everyone there!
chessnut on Saturday 09 August 2014 - 14:29:01 | Read/Post Comment: 0
 Dan De Leon.
chessnut On Tuesday 03 July 2012 - 00:23:29 | Read/Post Comment: 0
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